Sultan Vip

Sultan Vip

4500 UAH -120 min. (2девушки)

(candid kisses champagne as a gift)

Erotic cocktail of 7 different techniques and programs that will drive any man crazy and bring to the peak of unforgettable pleasure, sensual ecstasy and unearthly relaxation. The extravagant show program and two charming beauties will light the flame of fiery passion and lust in your heart and body, and will make it possible to feel incredible pleasure.

Having enjoyed an exotic and exciting show, you will plunge into the magical land of relaxation and exciting pleasure from the touch of naked female bodies. Experienced and sexy sorceresses will touch every corner of your body, gentle and passionate kisses will make you feel unearthly ecstasy and a wave of unbearable desire. The completion of a 2-hour pleasure and fabulous pleasure will be a foamy and soothing bath.

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