Strict lady

Strict lady

2000 UAH – 60 min. (easy domination)

Who does not dream of a fabulous and voluptuous pleasure in the format of an erotic script? In such a stop, every man can play any role that he wants and spend time with benefit for body and soul in the company of a charming beautiful masseuse.

The comprehensive program “BDSM” from the elite massage salon “Night Angels” offers to translate all hidden desires into reality and feel yourself in the desired role. For a while, you should forget about decency and the framework in which life circumstances so often enclose us, and give yourself time by splashing out the accumulated emotions and desires.

In the BDSM Lviv technique, the essence lies in influencing the partner physically and morally, which brings mutual pleasure. The basis of BDSM, as a subculture, lies in the division of power between partners, it is under this agreement that the impact occurs. The section is agreed upon and a periodic change of roles is always possible. In a word, everything that the soul desires!
Power, pain and humiliation are usually not considered components of a healthy and harmonious human relationship – but the BDSM culture has been trying to prove the opposite for many years.
The ultimate goal of BDSM Lviv is not suffering and oppression, but freedom and pleasure. In some settings, such a relationship can be a powerful form of psychotherapy.
Researchers identify four topics around which BDSM practices are built:

Psychological dominance and submission – the distribution of roles on the “upper” and “lower”, slave and Master.
Causing pain with hot wax, flogging, electricity, sharp objects, etc.
Physical limitations – binding, use of handcuffs, gags and dressings.
Psychological humiliation – swearing, the use of racial and other stereotypes, the treatment of a person as an object and property.

But the main component of all relations within the BDSM is agreement and mutual agreement. Before each session, participants should clearly understand what they are allowed to do and what not.
Such an interaction in itself can be a deep therapeutic practice. Professional Dominatrix, who are paid to beat and humiliate a client, describes their services this way. They call themselves specialists in relieving stress and restoring energy balance.

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